A fresh, raw carob pod with leaves and seeds.


Organic Carob Bulk Wholesale

The Range
Chocolate Carob Spread (carob, sesame and a pinch of cocoa)
Carob Syrup
Gold Original Carob Spread (carob and sesame)
Raw Carob Powder
Roast Carob Powder
Raw Carob Nibbles

Carob is a super food!  Why?
All of our products have zero added sugar, oils or preserves.  They are free from gluten, dairy, added sugar and oil.  Carob has zero caffeine and zero theobromine. Carob is high in fibre, a source of calcium, iron and manganese and a well-known digestive aid.  The long chain natural sugars and high fibre means it is a healthy food that will provide sustained energy and help you feel fuller for longer.  It is used by athletes and in weight-control programmes.  It also tastes great. We call it super food.

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Carobco Ltd trading as Savvy Foods. Great Taste Award Winner and SALSA Accredited.

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The Farm

Australian Organic Carob Farm

Authentic, single-source.

We are very proud of our carob fruit, which has been carefully selected and grown for sweetness.  Our family-run farm of over 6,000 premium trees is the only one of its kind in existence, using sustainable farming methods and dedicated only to high-quality, organic carobs.

Our raw carob is actually certified raw (unlike many other poor-quality supplies making this claim). The carob is also naturally dried in the only nut-free and gluten-free carob processing facility in existence.

Taste the Difference

Did you know there are around 200 different varieties of carob?! Our organic carob variety tastes very different and much better than other varieties available (which are grown for the seeds inside the pods to be made into a thickener called ‘Locust bean gum’ – the inferior husk of these varieties is a tasteless by-product).  We tested many of the 200 varieties for sweetness and quality and only grow these excellent, high-grade carobs!

Delivering maximum quality 

As sole agents for the UK, Europe and Turkey for retail and bulk supply, Carobco is registered with some large manufacturers and pre-packers as well as distributors for our brands in numerous countries, who are recognising the superior difference in taste and quality.

Our research and development department means we are constantly aware of all aspects of the rapidly growing market for functional health foods and we are pioneers in our field, bringing to market numerous new conceptual carob products.

All of our products have zero added sugar, oils or preservatives.  We have a deep understanding and knowledge of our product and the market we serve, thus enabling us to operate and manufacture to the highest satisfaction of our customers, from individual consumers to chefs, retailers and international distributors.  View details of our range here.

Organic Carob Bulk Wholesale

Carobco is known as ‘The Carob Connoisseurs’ and our ‘Gold Original’ spread won the prestigious Great Taste Award in 2016.

Carob has many health benefits and there is increasing demand because of the spread of knowledge and linked health problems. Our great-tasting, innovative products are nicely branded for the health-conscious, forward thinking and highly motivated persons as well as for children with health-conscious parents.

We are very happy to discuss your requirements. We can have any amount of our carob sent to you directly from our Australian farm or from our UK warehouse and we provide a quick, hassle-free service for our partners.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
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Savvy Carob Chocolate Spread


Savvy Foods, con sede en el Reino Unido, es el agente exclusivo en Europa de alimentos orgánicos de algarroba de grado premium en grandes cantidades de Australia. También fabricamos y vender al por menor productos de marca orgánicos, certificados bajo los nombres OzCarob y Sweet Carob (cremas).

Vendemos picoteos (de merienda), jarabe, polvo crudo, polvo horneado y cremas para untar (en tarros de cristal hechas por la adición de pasta de sésamo de primera calidad, jarabe de dátil orgánico y el cacao. Sin azúcares añadidos, aceite de palma, OMG ni aditivos.

Nuestra algarrobo de calidad superior se obtiene de selecta (por el sabor dulce), cultivado de manera sostenible los árboles en Australia. Nuestra variedad de algarroba orgánica de origen único sabor es muy diferente y mucho mejor que otras variedades disponibles, debido a que los árboles de la granja familiar en Australia son cuidadosamente seleccionados por su calidad y sabor (a diferencia de las variedades silvestres del Mediterráneo). El algarrobo también se seca de forma natural en la planta de procesamiento de algarrobo solamente y sin gluten sin frutos de cáscara en la existencia. Como agentes exclusivos de la UE para el suministro a granel también, que están registradas en algunas grandes empresas de ingredientes, así como distribuidores para nuestras marcas en numerosos países, que están reconociendo la diferencia superior en sabor y calidad. Algarrobo tiene muchos beneficios para la salud y existe una creciente demanda debido a la difusión del conocimiento y los problemas de salud relacionados. Nuestros de buen sabor, productos innovadores están muy bien marcados para el, con visión de futuro consciente de la salud y personas altamente motivadas, así como para los niños con padres que cuidan más y tal vez acomodados.

We are very happy to discuss your requirements. We can have any quantity of our carob sent to you directly from our Australia farm or from our UK warehouse.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Mob: +44 (0) 7754 910156


Wholesale & Bulk

Bulk, Wholesale and Private Label Supply of Premium Organic Australian Carob-based Foods

We are a leading, organic foods specialist, manufacturing and supplying high-grade Australian carob products, including spreads, powders and syrups.
We have 30 years experience working with carob and aware of huge differences in quality and taste among the many varieties available. We have an exclusive EU / UK / Turkey supply agreement with a large Australian carob farm, specialising in superior tasting carob.

Most carob on the market is grown for the seed (for thickening agent) so the pod is a by-product and is bitter by comparison).  We carefully and expertly grow the sweetest carob varieties in our dedicated orchard, using sustainable farming methods.

Australian Carob
Our Carob Orchard in South Australia

Our farm is the only certified nut-free and allergen-free carob farm in existence and our traceability and supply chain complies with the highest international food standards.

We produce hundreds of tonnes of the world’s best quality organic carob per year so if you need a kilo or a container load, we are here to serve you.



Get in touch now to discuss your requirements with us.

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We can often deal directly with small customer orders, please ask us what you’d like as we might be able to post it directly to you.



Carobco Ltd t/a Savvy Foods
Sole supplier for Australian Carobs PTY Ltd for UK/EU & Turkey

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