Our Story

Carob growingBack in the early 1990’s I was travelling in some of the most beautiful, unspoiled areas of Turkey, enjoying the truly captivating culture and cuisine, when I kept coming across a sweet and nutty dip called tahin-pekmez, which is tahini (pulped sesame, with it’s distinctive nutty flavour) mixed with fresh, rich, sweet carob molasses. This marriage of taste, aroma and colour (along with notorious energy-enhancing properties) served in an Iznik bowl and dipped with fresh Turkish bread, had me entranced.  Since then I have always made my own tahin-pekmez, back home in Yorkshire.  Carob molasses wasn’t easy to get hold of at all, that is until Katie and I formed Savvy Foods in 2013 and obtained our importers license!  I’ll never forget that first pallet of pekmez arriving and taking the lid off the first tin, peering in to experience that wonderful, rich, dark aroma…

Developing the perfect taste has accelerated for us these last few years and it was actually one of my daughters that suggested I make a chocolate version, which was as simple as adding organic cocoa!  Holland & Barrett now sell it.

Great Taste Award
Savvy Carob Spread received a Great Taste Award 2016

In 2014 we won ‘Best Sweet Preserve’ in Yorkshire’s Finest Taste Award with our Date variety which boosted the business and our profile on the world’s bustling health food stage.  We then won a national Great Taste Award for our Gold Original Spread in 2016

The story then took another fantastic turn with our securing the full UK, European and Turkey supply rights to a very special organic carob farm in South Australia! Over the years we’ve developed a close relationship with the proprietors and are really proud to be exclusively representing them in the Northern Hemisphere.

Our carob tastes so good and sweet, we decided to open up a wider range and sell the raw carob pieces as healthy snacks, powders and even the very syrup we use to make our spreads! We have recently started to export in bulk to major re-packer/retailers who switched to ours; even after many years selling carob they stated they have never seen nor tasted such fine quality carob! We now also offer private label.  Our many years of hard work is starting to pay off and has not been without major problems.  The story has been so much of a rollercoaster, we’re even writing a book about it!

Carobco meeting HRH Prince Andrew, October 2016
Carobco meeting HRH Prince Andrew, October 2016

I hope you can join us as we turn the next page!

Can you believe it? Sweet spreads and snacks that are actually good for you!?

Best wishes,

Jonathan & Katie