Carob Nutrition Facts

A fresh, raw carob pod with leaves and seeds.

A fresh, raw carob pod with leaves and seeds.  It’s the pod that has all the nutrition although the germ/endosperm of the seeds are high in protein.

Carob is known as a superfood for many reasons.

  • Carob contains bioactive compounds which have been found to be beneficial
    Girl eating Carob Chocolate Spread
    Chocolate Spread that’s good for her!

    in reducing cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

  • Female Carob is sweeter and tastes way better!
  • Carob is a very effective appetite suppressant as it helps to increase the feeling of satiety; it helps reduce weight and so is popular as an additive in weight loss programmes.
  • In Turkey, chocolate is a substitute for carob!
  • Carob is high in fibre as well as various vitamins and minerals.
  • Carob helps to regulate the digestion process, while serving as a natural anti-allergic, antiseptic, and anti-bacterial agent.
  • Carob pods are known as St. John’s bread or locust bean because the pods were once thought to have been the “locusts” that were eaten by John the Baptist in the Christian Bible.
  • Carob seeds all weigh approximately the same and for this reason were used to weigh gold, this is where the word ‘carat’ comes from, to measure the purity of gold.
  • The seeds aren’t edible but are used to make ‘locust bean gum’ in modern additive preparations.

    carob energy balls
    Handy carob energy balls – see our recipe page for details
  • Although carob is native to the eastern Mediterranean, where it has been in cultivation for at least 4000 years, it now grows in Australia, California and other places where the climate is just right.  In fact in 2015 the conditions in Australia were more favourable than in the Mediterranean, due to the latter’s poor temperatures resulting in critically low stocks of carob!
  • Ancient Babylonian women ate carob to enhance beauty, Ottoman and Roman soldiers used it for strength and stamina.  In Turkey it is often called ‘Turkish Viagra’.
  • Carob is a member of the Legume (Pea) family and is the only member of the genus Ceratonia.
  • The ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for ‘sweet’ is a carob pod and an eagle!
Raw Carob Kibble
Pure Raw Carob Nibbles – naturally sweet, healthy snacking.

Did you know a lot of carob that is labelled as “raw” is not truly raw because it has been heated?  Read about our raw carob here.  Let us know if you have any more facts about this wonderful fruit plant.