Raw Carob

raw carob
Raw, organic carob pods

In Australia the term ‘dirty foods’ means food that has travelled the shortest distance from the earth to your plate and has undergone the least processing or cooking.

Let’s look at what raw carob really is.

The US and increasingly other Western countries have a major problem with food contamination and even fresh produce has been recalled in recent times. With regards to carob, the product being sold in the US and elsewhere as ‘raw’ has no resemblance to our raw Australian carob as you will see when you see it and try it.  Many US products have been through some form of heat treatment and processed on equipment used for a variety of nuts and grains etc. thus opening up a range of causes for cross contamination ex-source and supplier.

These US (and other) companies make the same statement: “as notified by its supplier”. This means there are small number of US companies importing from Mediterranean sources, selling on to a range of US health food companies who are repacking under their own brands. There is no provenance, or QA or testing. The real QA significance of Raw Australian Carob becomes apparent under simple scrutiny.

Our carob is grown, harvested, dried or roasted and packed all on site with no cross contamination from any other food or produce source. Our facility is the only fully dedicated carob facility in the world and it is certified nut-free and allergen-free.  In addition, every single batch is laboratory tested before it leaves the property.

The milling process.

Raw Carob has higher microbe levels than Roasted (but well below counts for raw or naturally dried products) because it doesn’t go through a heat process, but it is completely sun dried before packing in a sterile environment that ensures the Australian carob product is contaminate free.  The seeds are removed and the whole husk is then milled. When milled very fine (remember, we have selectively grown the sweetest varieties), our carob is a light colour and if you finely mill our carob kibble you will see it becomes a light colour. Any powder darker than in the photo above is the first sign that your ‘raw’ carob powder is unfortunately not raw, as is the case with much carob powder on the market today, which has been heated to aid a crude factory milling process and an attempt to sterilise (and the price reflects this).  We use our own secret milling plant made especially for our carob facility. During the milling process the carob is not sitting in a single spot for any length of time to prevent it heating during the milling process.  Finally, our carob is sieved using a very fine, specialised sieve.

The above is why Carobco now supply a lot of the carob powder you will see in a growing number of high-end brands.  let us know if you want to see our bulk pricing.

If you are unsure if your carob is truly raw, please ask us and we will do our best to inform you.  We are happy to share with you our QA certificates and microbiology reports.