Bulk, Wholesale and Private Label Supply of Premium Organic Australian Carob-based Foods

We are a leading, organic foods specialist, manufacturing and supplying high-grade Australian carob products, including spreads, powders and syrups.
We have 30 years experience working with carob and aware of huge differences in quality and taste among the many varieties available. We have an exclusive EU / UK / Turkey supply agreement with a large Australian carob farm, specialising in superior tasting carob.

Most carob on the market is grown for the seed (for thickening agent) so the pod is a by-product and is bitter by comparison).  We carefully and expertly grow the sweetest carob varieties in our dedicated orchard, using sustainable farming methods.

Australian Carob
Our Carob Orchard in South Australia

Our farm is the only certified nut-free and allergen-free carob farm in existence and our traceability and supply chain complies with the highest international food standards.

We produce hundreds of tonnes of the world’s best quality organic carob per year so if you need a kilo or a container load, we are here to serve you.



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We can often deal directly with small customer orders, please ask us what you’d like as we might be able to post it directly to you.